Coordinator DAAL Speech therapyst, Psycho-pedagogue

DAAL Autism Project Coordinator

Practicing psychologist -independent-accredited COPSI

Specialization in the development, stimulation and correction of verbal and non-verbal language in the therapy and recovery of children with autism.

Lecturer at ABA International Conference 2015, 2016 2017, 2018

Lecturer at the IACB 2017 Conference.

Trainer in speech therapy courses starting in 2012.

9 years of experience in speech therapy and 11 years of experience in education.

Presenting at the Bucharest International ABA Conference:

Increase the number of actions on the game

-Essential skill for enriching the vocabulary-

-Case Study –

Starting from the study by Joseph S. Lalli we replicated the model of intervention and obtained, besides a larger variety of actions with an object and an increase in the spontaneous commentary. Although the procedure aimed at expanding the number of actions on the same object, placing stereotyped behaviors into extinction; there was also an increase in vocal behavior.

Based on this study and the data we obtained by replicating it, we can come to the conclusion that improving the quality of the game contributes substantially to the quality of the vocal behavior.

Our presentation will cover the description of the work environment, the working methods, the materials used, and the results obtained.