Ana Turtureanu is the president of “Lumea lui Arthur” Association. She is a BCaBA certified coordinator and has been working in the field of developmental disorders for over 10 years. Ana considers behavior analysis to be “the best form of education” and with her colleagues, she is trying to implement the programs at the highest level of professionalism in order to help parents transfer the results obtained by children in any life situation. Behavior analysis need to be very well adapted and, as often as possible, made to resemble natural life situations.

Sumar temă Conferința Internațională ABA:

The generalisation of abilities taught in individual session in natural play situations and self-help

The development of abilities only in a  therapeutic environment will not matter as much if these abilities are not transferred in other environments. There are meny studies and arguments concerning the number of hours that are necessary for recovery. If ABA is viewed as a form of education, then the answer is simple: the child should work non-stop. That, however, does not mean that the child has to be in a centre and work with an instructor non-stop.

The recovery process is a complex one in which the family’s involment must be direct and committed, and the child must be exposed to as many environments and social interactions. Every person that interacts with the child should know the principles of ABA and help to extend the abilities and informations. If the child’s level of development allows it, these activities have to be as similar to the natural ones and also to the manner in which neurotypical children learn.

Parents do not need to become therapists but they must be involved in the process, making sure that the abilities taught by the therapists are being transferred in play activities, social interaction, self help and academical environments.

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