Anda Bacanu psychologist, speech therapist, with over 9 years experience,follows university courses at Clemson University-Romania – BACB Verified Course Sequence (VCS) APPLIED BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS. She graduated the Master pogram Speech Theapy in Comunicaton Pocess at Bucharest University; Master program The management of Traning Psychology in Work, Traffic, Transportation and Customer Service, and she graduated from The Univerity o Bucharest, Faculty of Psihology and Educational Sciences, Special Psihology Departament.

Professionaly, she has seven years of experience in working with children with speech disorders, children with mental disorders, sensory deficiencies, autistic children and gifted children.

She is coordonating and implementing intevention pograms for speech disorders for typical and special kids and her previous experience in ABA therapy is an advantage in her approachment. Also she coordinates socialisation and personal development groups at Bright Future for every child Association for typical children and   with special needs.

Lecturer at the MedAcademy Multidisciplinary Conference- Moden Approach in patient diagnosis. The role of multidisciplinary team, in 2017.

Lecturer at the ABA Conference – How to get from echolalia to communication. Intervention techniques, in 2018.

Sumar temă Conferința Internațională ABA:


Anda Bacanu psychologist, speech therapist

Mirela Bîrsășteanu psychologist, speech therapist


The purpose of this workshop is to present how we can develop the mand for information using screept fading.

In our session we will present how this method was applied to a 12 year old child with TSA to mand information by asking “what?” and “where?”

For this case the procedure had four phases of script fading.

The results showed that the participant managed to obtain information in the targeted situations for which he was trained and then demonstrated the transfer of these abilities to new situations.

The request for information has also emerged in new situations. Considering all of this, the method used seems to be a success story in the current situation and can also be used to form other inquiries, for example using the question “who?”

This technique can also be used to develop conversion skills during play or during the meal time.

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