Corina Popescu is a psychologist and practices applied behavior analysis for over 10 years. She attended behavioral analysis courses at Bangor University in Wales. In 2017 she also completed the BCBA/BCaBA course sequence (online) at Clemson University, South Carolina.

She supported the foundation of three centers dedicated to children with disabilities and coordinated multiple programs both in the public and private systems.

Currently, she coordinates the activity of “Mai Aproape” NGO, supports the development of educational projects in various cities in Romania and she fights for the rights of Roma children.

Presenting at the Bucharest International ABA Conference:

NCR-Improving life with movies and candies

Purpose of the study

This project aims to study the effectiveness of NCR application on a group to increase desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors in that group.

NCR Presentation

 Non-contingent reinforcement NCR is an antecedent strategy to prevent behavior. The instructor delivers ongoing, brief reinforcement to a student independent of the student’s behavior. The reinforcement is provided to the student so that the problem behavior becomes unnecessary.

NCR can and should be implemented class/groups-wide. Instructors/teachers should make every effort to give plenty of non-contingent reinforcement to each student every day.

NCR can be used when clinicians first begin working with a client until more detailed interventions are created.

Purpose of the presentation

  • Discuss and study the history of the NCR procedure in the recent literature;
  • Discuss the implementation of a NCR procedure for different groups;
  • Conclusions and recommendations;
  • The IMPACT of the study-indirect effects.
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