Dr. Ramona Octaviana Gheorghe

Medic primar psihiatrie pediatrica

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Diagnostic and Intervention Guide For Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Ramona Octaviana Gheorghe MD

Senior child and adolescent psychiatrist

Anca Diana Oros MD

Child and adolescent psychiatrist


The neurodevelopmental disorders are an important part of the pathology of toddlers and young children and therefore, it is expected, as a consequence of family members’ worries, general practitioner’s, pediatrician’s or educators’ concerns,to refer to psychological and psychiatry consultation.

Starting with early recognition of neurodevelopmental disorder and continuingwith the most recent theories of etiology, we try to establish a coordinate plan for recovery  – diagnostic, therapeutic intervention – behavioral and medical – so that any mental health professional should have the same focus and approach when aiming social and functional recovery of the child.


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