Georgiana Trancău is a psychological counselor and psycho-pedagogue accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania. She has a masters in speech therapy and a 7 year experience in applying the principles of ABA. Her professional practice focuses most on the study and intervention in the language, speech and communication disorders encountered in children.

Presenting at the Bucharest International ABA Conference 2018:

From a to mama – verbalizations of a child with complex diagnosis

Autism is diagnosed based on a set of observable behaviors, and one of them is the difficulty of communicating. Many of the children with autism can not speak, but we can not pinpoint the cause of this inability. What we know is that the nature of the difficulty varies from case to case. For example, some children may have difficulty talking, other children speak incorrectly, and others omit all the beginning or final sounds of the words.

This paper presents the pathway of a complex diagnosis child, including the autistic spectrum disorder, in the construction of his first words. At the same time, through this presentation I propose to bring to the forefront the usefulness of combining several methods for increasing the number of verbalizations and sounds produced by children.

Associating methods of speech therapy with ABA can help build sounds and words both in the case of an autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis and where other associated diagnoses are present that often hinder the development of speech.

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