Lacramioara Petre, anthropologist, researcher, PhD

Lacramioara Petre is an anthropologist who is working as a researcher at “Francisc I. Rainer” Institute of Anthropology of Romanian Academy for over 15 years. She has a PhD degree in Medical Sciences since 2008 and her work field is feeding behavior. She published many scientific articles about nutrition and feeding behavior and also about children with different disabilities (visual, hearing impairments, autism). Having experience with children with ADS, she provides consulting for parents about their feeding difficulties (especially food selectivity and oversensitivity)

Presenting at the Bucharest International ABA Conference 2018:

Food biting and chewing deficiencies in autistic children

Childhood feeding problems have been attributed to a great variety of factors: developmental disabilities, neurological problems, anatomical anomalies, gastrointestinal diseases, skill and motivational deficits, sensory processing problems and inappropriate parental feeding practices.

In this presentation, we will describe many factors that are implicated in the etiology of food biting and chewing deficiencies in autistic children, the complexity of symptoms and few ways of intervention in order to improve their abilities to feed themselves properly.

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