Viorica Ciolac is the first BCBA from Republic of Moldova, psychologist, and an independent consultant.  She practices applied behavior analysis for over 6 years. She completed online course sequences for BCBA at Florida Institute of Technology.  At the moment, her main activity is to coordinate and implement ABA-based programs at home- settings, train therapists and support staff, and promote school inclusion.

Presenting at the Bucharest International ABA Conference:

NCR-Improving life with movies and candies

Purpose of the study

This project aims to study the effectiveness of NCR application on a group to increase desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors in that group.

NCR Presentation

Non-contingent reinforcement NCR is an antecedent strategy to prevent behavior. The instructor delivers ongoing, brief reinforcement to a student independent of the student’s behavior. The reinforcement is provided to the student so that the problem behavior becomes unnecessary.

NCR can and should be implemented class/groups-wide. Instructors/teachers should make every effort to give plenty of non-contingent reinforcement to each student every day.

NCR can be used when clinicians first begin working with a client until more detailed interventions are created.

Purpose of the presentation

  • Discuss and study the history of the NCR procedure in the recent literature;
  • Discuss the implementation of a NCR procedure for different groups;
  • Conclusions and recommendations;
  • The IMPACT of the study-indirect effects.
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